Selected projects

2018 User Experience Design System and purchase experience

Digital transformation for the biggest telecommunication company in Canada.

We planned their digital strategy, guided the company to adopt and implement the latest and more effective design methods and processes by redesigning the website of their 2 biggest brands, focusing on the way customers purchase and manage their products.

2018 User Experience

Pitch to redesign

Consulted HUGE in a pitch to rethink Dolby’s website.

2017 User Experience Interaction

BBVA’s Smart assistant

I designed an omnipresent smart assistant that uses artificial intelligence (machine learning) to proactively guide users and acts on their behalf in everything related to money. I created new methods to prototype conversational interfaces and evolved the strategy of the organization, from a digital-first global bank to an omnipresent financial companion.

It was one of the first assistants with voice that understood Spanish and could differentiate between the different dialects.

2017 User Experience Strategy

A new CTP (Corporate Trade Platform) service based on blockchain for BBVA

Thanks to the availability of new technology, we came up with a better way to manage corporate payments.

Using APIs, Smart Contracts and Shared Ledgers, we automated and connected the way big corporations pay their multimillion dollar bills.

2017 User Experience Research

The experience of transfering money for BBVA

Designed the way people transfer money between internal and external accounts, as well as paying credit cards, pay bills and other ways to move money for BBVA and most of its subsidiaries.

2016 User Experience Research

The future present of BBVA’s online banking

We defined the medium term vision of the global digital experience for BBVA, then designed a global (15 countries in 4 continents) strategy for how consumers manage their personal finances with the web platform of BBVA.

This project was also a pilot to launch a new global branding and design system, now it's considered the best banking experience in most of the countries where it has a presence.

2015 User Experience Strategy

Vision work for a unified Global mobile app at BBVA

Strategy and exploration work for BBVA’s mobile banking app to create a unique mobile experience that unifies more than 150 apps in 15 different countries. The app won “best banking app in the world" for 2 years in a row by Forrester.

2015 Industrial Design User experience Interaction

Graava: Video camera that edits videos for you

First designer at a startup that created a video camera that uses built-in sensors and artificial intelligence (machine learning) to automatically edit your videos.

2014 User Experience Strategy

Created the first sex positive sex shop in Colombia

I co-founded an online magazine and ecommerce store that promotes gender equality and sexual freedom in Latin America by encouraging understanding and exploration from a femenine perspective.

2014 User Experience Research

Madison Reed

Redesigned the buying experience for a subscription-based online store, while introducing a new category of products.

Archive (aka old projects)

2015 User Experience Visual Design Strategy

Creation of Dry Farm Wines

I helped to launch this subscription-based service for organic and natural wines

2014 User Experience

App to prevent Asthma

Design of a mobile app that gathers and explains data to prevent Asthma attacks. Winner of a hackathon.

2014 Information Design

Information Architecture for Betabrand

Workflow and Information Architecture redesign for Betabrand, a fashion e-commerce and crowdfunding website.

2013 Graphic Design

On demand advertising on Cars: AdverCar

I helped to define the model business, designed and printed advertising campaigns for a new startup that crowdsourced drivers to place removable banners on their cars.

2011 Communication Design Strategy Art

Back engineering Fake News: Realiety

Has the media the ability to create your reality? Yes, I studied how to create fake news, printed a fake newspaper to test, measure, and iterate on different methods to create fake realities.

I exposed the dangers of Fake News before it had a name.

2009 Product design Interaction

Interactive Tetherball

A fun and beautiful interactive toy. A mix of technology with two traditional games for kids.

Created using the prototyping board,

2008 Industrial Design

Inclusive Table

Accessible and stackable table designed for a cafeteria of extreme users, but even better for the average Joe.

2007 Industrial design


A skateboard that gets harder to use if you don't treat it right.